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Post Jobs :: Recruiters :: JKL Jobs

Are you a recruiter or staffing agency that needs to quickly fill job positions? At JKL Jobs, we understand that your time is valuable. We allow to easily post your jobs and we will deliver qualified applicants directly to you. Your jobs will be placed in front of thousands of potential applicants on our niche job boards. As part of your monthly subscription, we also send your jobs to our publisher network which results in your jobs being displayed on thousands of career-oriented web sites. This guarantees that your jobs will receive the maximum amount of exposure possible. In addition, you can search and review thousands of resumes. When you find a candidate that matches your needs, you can easily contact them through our web site. With our extremely affordable pricing and all of the advanced features we provide, why wait? Start your 3 day demo now!

Jobs Job Seeker Contacts Pricing
Single Posting 100 Contacts $99 per job
3-50 Jobs 1000 Contacts $250/month
51-250 Jobs 2000 Contacts $375/month
Unlimited Jobs Unlimited Contacts $500/month

To start your free 3 day demo, please select what type of jobs to post first from the list:

If you have any questions, please call 574-453-3131 or contact us online.

Resume Database Access

When you join any site within the JKL Jobs network and post jobs, you can also search our resume database. We receive thousands of job seeker registrations per month across our network of niche job boards. As a company, you can search these job seeker profiles free of charge. When you find someone that you feel fits your job requirements, you can contact them. Each subscription comes with a certain number of e-mails your staff can send per month. For example, with just 1 job posting, you can contact up to 100 unique job seekers. If you have 3 or more job postings, you can choose one of our affordable monthly subscriptions for ongoing access. You are free to upgrade your subscription to the next level at any time.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our new resume and professional job search service. JKL Jobs will create or review your community profile and assist you in optimizing your company's appearance to potential candidates. We will then mail your information to each of the professionals in your specified geographic search area! This service allows your company to quickly target job seekers that may be interested in the positions you have available while allowing our staff to handle the details.

The benefits of becoming a member of JKL Jobs's network of job boards include...

Free 3 Day Demo Before committing to a JKL Jobs subscription, you can review our services free for 3 days!
No Commitments No minimum contracts to sign. Cancel at any time.
Automated Distribution We distribute your jobs out to thousands of career-oriented web sites to maximize your exposure.
Great Candidates Your job is viewed by thousands of the best professionals from around the nation.
Affordable Pricing Post jobs and contact job seekers for as little as $99.
Flexible Searches Search for potential candidates based on several criteria ranging from specialty, location, qualifications, and experience.
Free Website Quickly build a free website that job seekers can view to learn about your facilities and opportunities. You can even link it to information about your community!
Email Matches Get notified by email every time a seeker who matches your position joins one of our job boards.
Video and Brochures Do you have video or brochure materials that you like to show candidates as part of your recruiting? You can easily post your materials right on any of our web sites and allow candidates to download and view them.

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